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One Dollar Blues

James VanNuys and Bob Fahey

  1. One Dollar Blues
  2. Love is So Dangerous
  3. Arrest That Gal
  4. Prize Fighter
  5. A Lot to Win
  6. Pearl Beyond Price
  7. Gone, Gone, Gone
  8. Poor Boy
  9. Time to Hang On
  10. I've Got Love
  11. if you Want it
  12. Hell to Pay
  13. The Last, Last Call
One Dollar Blues $20.00
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Traditional and original acoustic guitar solos

James has long been acknowledged as the Black Hills’ premier acoustic guitar finger-picker. His repertoire covers a broad variety of traditional music: folk, blues, Irish, and ragtime. His original music incorporates influences from Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical music, as well as folk and new age (but not as wimpy). James’s subdued but intricate playing provides a perfect background for receptions or parties.


  • $100/hour for first hour, $50/hour for each additional hour.
  • $2.00/mile (one way) for travel
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    Acoustic Blues Duo

    The region’s hottest acoustic act, Van Nuys/Fahey brings together two of Rapid City’s best known performers. Bob Fahey’s smoldering vocals and searing slide guitar have been one of the driving forces behind one of Rapid City’s favorite bands, “The Usual Suspects.” He describes his music as “contemporary blues,” and brings his unique style to the music of Robert Cray, J.J. Cale, Albert King, and many others.

    James Van Nuys mines an older vein of blues, the music of Blind Lemon Jefferson, Mississippi John Hurt, and other guitar pioneers of the 1920's and 30's. James’s tasteful lead playing, intricate finger-picking, and dry wit have been entertaining South Dakotans for two decades.

    Together the two musicians have a chemistry that never ceases to amaze audiences, each one freeing and inspiring the other to take the chances that make for musical magic.


    • $200/hour for first hour, $100/hour for each additional hour
    • $2.00/mile (one way) for travel

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    Irish and American fiddle tunes with guitar accompaniment Acoustic folk and blues instrumentals

    James and Callan play traditional music perfect for wedding receptions, parties, or family reunions. The music is lively enough to create a fun atmosphere, but not so loud as to interfere with conversation.

    James is well known as one of the finest acoustic guitarists in the Black Hills. His arrangements of traditional folk music as well as his original compositions cover a broad range of styles, from classical sounds to bluegrass and blues.

    James’s daughter Callan has been playing violin for eight years and has recently garnered one first place and two second place trophies in regional Old Time Fiddlers contests. She also plays bass guitar behind James’s folk and blues finger-picking.


  • $200/hour for first hour, $100/hour for each additional hour
  • $2.00/mile (one way) for travel
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